What Are Some Impressive Tricks to Teach Your Dog?

impressive-tricks-teach-dog Credit: Ginny/CC-BY-2.0

Teaching a dog to take a bow is an impressive finishing trick to follow up other tricks. The back-up trick teaches a dog not to rush outside and is useful when wanting to impress someone.

The bow trick involves the dog leaning down with the elbow and chest contacting the ground and the rear end in the air. This trick is first taught by having the dog stand on command. A treat should be placed at the nose tip, close to the animal's body, and slowly moved down. The animal should lower the upper body while following the treat, and the rear should remain in the standing position. The treat needs to be held in position for a few seconds before raising the treat. When the dog returns to the original position, owners should verbalize approval or press a clicker while giving the dog a treat. There should be several training sessions throughout the day, each lasting no longer than five minutes.

To teach a dog to back up, the dog first needs to learn the stay command. Owners should walk back a few steps before facing the animal. A vocal command of "back up" should be issued, and the owner should walk towards the animal. If the dog does not move, the owner should continue walking and lean the body slightly forward. When the dog backs away, the clicker should be clicked and a treat given. This training session should last a few minutes every day. If the dog moves to the side instead of backwards, training in a narrow hallway is a technique to consider.