What Are Some Important Tips for Training Bullmastiff Puppies?


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One of the most important things to do when beginning to train a Bullmastiff puppy is to establish a routine. After that, training your puppy to recognize basic words, crate training your puppy, and socializing your puppy help ensure that he adjusts and is happy.

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Establishing a routine and consistency in your Bullmastiff puppy's life is the first step in any training regime, and it begins from the moment that you take your puppy home. Teaching your puppy where his food and water dishes are, where and when he can go to the bathroom, and where and when he sleeps are all important things to do right off the bat. If a routine is not immediately established, this could lead to problems further down the road when more complicated aspects of training are introduced. Once a routine is established with your puppy, you can begin to expose him to other dogs, start the process of crate training and introduce him to the concept of potty training. It is also important to remember is to train your new puppy based on respect and not to use food as a primary motivator. Once your puppy respects you as the leader of the house, the other processes become easier. Consider teaching your new puppy to recognize certain words, which you can do on your own or with the help of an experienced trainer, to further build a relationship based on mutual respect between you and your new puppy.

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