What Are Some Important Tips When Buying Potbellied Pigs?


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One important tip when buying potbellied pigs is to learn the pig's physical and behavioral characteristics. Hopeful owners of potbellied pigs should also acquaint themselves with the nature of the animal and the responsibilities that come with taking care of them.

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Before buying potbellied pigs, one should realize first that, like many animals, potbelled piglets are small in size when young, but can grow up to 150 pounds when they reach adulthood. Farm-raised and overfed potbellied pigs may weigh up to 200 to 300 pounds or even more. Most owners who buy miniature potbellied pigs do not expect their pets to grow so much, causing them to abandon or surrender their pets to potbellied rescue groups.

Potbellied pigs, like other pigs, are intelligent, playful and, like pet dogs, highly trainable and require a firm and loving leader to respect and look up to. A pig that believes it is a top pig in between owner and pet has a tendency to be aggressive and cautious when approached. It is important to establish and maintain a pecking order right from the start to ensure an obedient, loving and respectful potbellied pig.

Another tip before getting a potbellied pig is, instead of buying, consider adopting from a dedicated potbellied pig rescue group. Most rescue groups provide adoptable pigs that are either homeless or abandoned by their previous owners. If buying from a breeder, make sure that the breeder is reputable and an accredited potbellied pig breeder.

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