What Are Some Important Things to Remember When Caring for a Newborn Kitten?


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Important things to remember when caring for a newborn kitten pertain to body temperature, eating and eliminating waste, according to the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals. Ensuring the well-being of a newborn kitten is a round-the-clock job.

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Upon finding a newborn kitten, the most important thing is to make sure he stays warm, explains the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals. Gauge the kitten's temperature by feeling his ears and the pads on his feet. If he is cold, gradually bring his temperature up by wrapping him in a fleece towel, snuggling him close and rubbing him with warm hands. A low body temperature is a life-threatening condition that you must resolve prior to any feeding.

Ascertain the kitten's temperature by comparing it to online photos and descriptions. Knowing his age steers further decisions, such as food choices and urination and defecation needs, advises the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals.

You must feed kittens under the age of four weeks with bottles throughout the entire day and night, the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals reports. Neonatal kittens cannot process any solid food or eliminate waste on their own. They must receive nourishment every three hours and have their genitals stimulated immediately after every feeding in order urinate and defecate. Feed animals that are unusually sick or small every two hours. Overfeeding and underfeeding can lead to diarrhea, which leads to dehydration. Dehydration can be deadly for kittens.

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