What is some important information to know about Boxer dogs?


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One of the important fact about Boxer dogs is that they are rambunctious puppies until they reach adulthood. In the case of Boxers, that may mean three years of puppyhood. Playful, full of energy and exuberant, these dogs make great, accommodating and loving house companions.

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These muscular, square-headed dogs are often mistaken for pit bulls. Unlike pit bulls, however, Boxers are believed to be a cross between Mastiff-descended Bullenbeisers, now extinct, and English Bulldogs. Like its Mastiff ancestor, the Boxer is strong-willed and is more likely to restrain than to attack. Its short nose and short hair are from its bulldog ancestors, making it intolerant to high heat and more suitable as an indoor pet. Boxers, like bulldogs, are also prone to drooling, wheezing, snorting and snoring.

Another important piece of information on Boxers is that despite their short hair, these dogs shed a lot. They require regular grooming and proper diet in order to control their shedding. Boxers, just like other pets, are prone to several health diseases, including heart illnesses and cancer.

Boxers are intelligent and, as a working dog, bred to work with humans and not for them. Dogs of this breed require proper handling to prevent them from establishing an alpha position over their human companions. More than training for obedience, Boxers are trained to solve problems on their own. Training is important in Boxers because they tend to be aggressive towards other dogs and can be very willful when untrained.

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