What Are Some Important Farrier Supplies?


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Some important farrier supplies include anvils, hammers, hoof knives and horseshoes. Farriers are people who specialize in the care and protection of horses' hooves, and the primary role of the farrier is to provide horseshoes for horses.

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Farriers use numerous blacksmithing tools, such as anvils, hammers and tongs, to fit horseshoes to individual animals. They also use hammers to drive nails into the hooves to attach the horseshoes. If the horses have very weak hooves, they use glue instead of nails.

Farriers are especially well-known for shoeing horses, but this is not the only care they provide. They also use hoof knives to clean and trim down horse hooves, as the horny sheath around a horse's foot is constantly growing. Failure to clean or trim the sheath can permanently injure a horse.

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