Is It Illegal to Kill a Praying Mantis?

There are no federal laws that make it illegal to kill a praying mantis, but there are some states or counties that impose fines for killing these insects. While it may not be completely illegal, it is not a good idea because praying mantis help reduce the amount of harmful insects.

There are many legends and rumors that surround the praying mantis, and many cultures believe that it is bad luck to kill a praying mantis. These creatures are helpful to delicate ecosystems, and the killing of them has more to do with how they help the environment than it has to do with luck.

A praying mantis has one of the most unusual breeding habits of any insect, mammal or animal of any type. After mating, the female praying mantis is often very hungry and will eat the male afterward. This will be the first nourishment that the newly fertilized eggs will have.

Praying mantis have some of the best eyesight in all of the insect kingdom. Unlike many insects that are lucky to see a few feet away from them, the praying mantis use their huge, compounded eyes to see up to 50 feet away.

The name praying mantis has very little to do with the way the creature preys on its food, although many people choose to spell the name in this way. The name comes from the stance in which the mantis is constantly sitting, which looks like a typical prayer pose.