What Do Iguanas Eat?

iguanas-eat Credit: Axel Fassio/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

Iguanas are primarily herbivores and eat flower buds, fruit, young leaves and algae. Certain species also eat some types of worms such as wax worms or mealworms.

Iguanas are some of the most common lizards in North and South America, as well as some of the largest. They are popular as pets in the United States; however, most people do not understand how to properly care for them. Iguanas kept as pets often die in the first year.

At zoos, iguanas are often fed fruit salad. Some species are given worms or crickets in addition to fruit and leaves.

In the majority of species, males are extremely territorial. An exception is the marine iguana, which shares its territory without competition.