What does an iguana eat?


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Iguanas are herbivorous lizards that feed only on plant matter, including leaves, flowers and fruit. They spend most of their lives in the canopies of rain forests, feeding on the plant matter available there. Iguanas typically feed in the daytime and rest at night.

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There are two main types of iguanas: the green iguana and the Lesser Antillean iguana. Green iguanas can be found throughout the tropical regions of Central America, Mexico and Polynesia. Lesser Antillean iguanas are only found on the Lesser Antilles islands, a string of islands in the Caribbean Sea. Green iguanas, also known as common iguanas, are commonly kept as pets, and their wild populations are stable. Lesser Antillean iguanas are an endangered species due to the destruction of their habitat.

Both types of iguana are green in color, but common iguanas tend to be much larger. They can reach up to 6.6 feet in length, whereas Lesser Antillean iguanas are typically 16 inches long. Both species have strong jaws with sharp teeth and are capable of using their tails as whips to drive off predators. They are also capable of detaching and re-growing their tails if caught. Although they have short, stout legs, they can run and climb quickly and with agility.

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