How Do You Identify Spiders in Michigan?


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Spiders are identified by their various physical, behavior and environmental attributes as well as their bites. By carefully observing the spider and comparing its characteristics to a database of likely spiders in the area, it is possible to identify it.

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  1. Find a good spider database

    There are many types of indigenous spiders in Michigan. A good reference is essential to properly determining the type of a spider. The U.S. Spider database classifies spiders by region and state and has pictorial references.

  2. Observe the spider's appearance

    Take a picture if possible. The colors, patterns and markings are important in identifying the spider. Spiders have four, six or eight eyes. Some spiders have thick hairy legs, but others do not.

  3. Observe the spider's surroundings and behavior

    Habitat and web shape can help to identify the spider. Other behaviors, such as whether the spider is aggressive, can also help determine the type of spider.

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