How Do You Identify a King Betta Fish?


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The torpedo-shaped body of a King betta is much larger than the body of the traditional betta fish. Males display brighter colors and have a more distinct beard than females. When ready to breed, females exhibit an egg spot and vertical stripes.

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Captive breeding programs have enhanced the length of fins and the brilliant coloring of male specimens caught in the swamps, slow-moving streams and rice paddies common to Indonesia, parts of China, Vietnam and Malaysia. Various tail shapes have been achieved, resulting in creative breed names such as Crowntails, Deltas, Fans, Lyre and Halfmoons. Adults reach a length of 4 inches, with females maturing to a slightly shorter length than males.

Male betta fish are not compatible with other males and should not be housed with fish that have similar body shapes. Females can usually be kept together along with other small, peaceful fish species.

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