How Do You Identify Jersey Cattle?

To identify Jersey cattle, look for the light brown color, the black nose and white muzzle, the hard black hooves, and the relatively small size. Although each of these characteristics individually may belong to another breed of cattle, all of them together provide a nearly certain identification of a Jersey.

  1. Recognize the Jersey cattle color

    Most Jerseys are a light brown. They often have splashes of white, sometimes over their entire bodies. The color can range from a light gray to almost black. A black Jersey is called a mulberry.

  2. Examine the nose and muzzle

    Jersey cattle inevitably have black noses surrounded by a nearly-white muzzle. This is one way to differentiate a Jersey cow from others.

  3. Look at the hooves

    Jersey cattle have hard, black hooves. This hardness of the hooves allows their feet to be much less susceptible to falling lame.

  4. Compare the size

    Although Jersey cattle are still large compared to other animals, they are small compared to other domesticated cattle. Most milk cows weigh between 900 to 1200 pounds, and the bulls weigh between 1200 and 1800 pounds.

  5. Recognize other characteristics

    Jersey cattle are mild-tempered, calve well and produce more milk for their body size than any other breed.