How Do You Identify Household Bugs?


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Bugs can be identified by their sizes, shapes, colors and markings. These qualities can then be compared to photos and descriptions found online or in books.

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Pest control companies, such as Orkin, have online databases which help users identify bugs found both inside and outside of the home. It may be helpful for to take a photo of the bug in question in order to compare photos to those that can be found online or in a book. It may also be important to note any droppings, case skins or skin bites that may have been caused or left by the bug.

A common household bug is the cockroach. These bugs are normally brown in color and can be up to 2 inches long. They have six legs and antennae, and some have wings. Cockroachs can also be identified by the droppings and skin cases they leave around the home.

Another common household bug is the bedbug. These bugs are flat and reddish brown in color. They are quite small, and they feed on blood. These bugs often leave their droppings in beds or on other furniture. Another way to identify bedbugs is by the bite marks they inflict on humans.

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