How Do You Identify a Guernsey Cow?


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A person can identify a Guernsey cow by her long, straight back and her hide, which is fawn or fawn and white. She weighs about 1,000 pounds on average, has a good barrel chest and small feet that give her a graceful walk, and possesses an overall symmetrical build. Her head has a quality that farmers regard as feminine, and her udder hangs forward.

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How Do You Identify a Guernsey Cow?
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Guernseys are prized because they can reproduce at a young age, which means they can start giving milk early. Although their calves are large when they're born, the Guernsey is renowned for having few complications during birth. They are also well-adapted to a variety of climates, and their light-colored coats help them tolerate heat. They have a gentle disposition and high milk flow, which make them ideal dairy cattle.

The milk of the Guernsey cow is uncommonly rich and has more protein, cream, vitamins A and D, and calcium than average. Most Guernseys also produce milk that has the kappa casein "B" gene, which is excellent for cheese production.

The Guernsey comes from one of the Channel Islands between England and France. The other large island in the Channel, Jersey, also produces a type of dairy cow.

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