How Do You Identify Flying, Biting Insects?


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Flying, biting insects can be identified by their markings, habitat, size or how many legs they have. One way to identify biting insects is by the kind of sores the bites leave. Preserving a dead insect for professional identification is important when trying to treat bites or allergy symptoms.

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  1. Observe the insects

    All insects have distinct habitats and noticeable behaviors. Mosquitoes, for example, tend to flourish near bodies of water. Mosquitoes, as opposed to dragonflies that also live near water, are different because they are eager to bite other beings. They also tend to have higher populations than dragonflies.

  2. Identify the bite marks

    Using an online guide, try to match the bite marks left on the skin to pictures of similar bites on humans in the photographs. Some flying insects have very distinct biting patterns or only bite once before they die. Mosquito bites, for example, don't have a pattern and make the skin swell. Fly bites are typically bright red.

  3. Preserve the insect

    Find a dead insect, or collect one after it bites. Place it in a bag, or take a photograph for reference. Use pictures online to help identify the species, or bring it to a physician who is treating the bite.

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