How Do You Identify Carpet Beetle Larvae?

Although the appearance can depend on the species, carpet beetle larvae are generally oval- or carrot-shaped, 4 to 5 millimeters long, with coarse hairs on the back. The larvae can be brown, tan or white and brown striped. Black carpet beetle larvae can get as large as 8 millimeters and have brown and yellowish stripes. The most identifiable feature of the larvae are the hairs. features illustrations of carpet beetle larvae and other common pests.

Carpet beetles cause the most damage during their larval stage. The pests eat fabrics, leather, feathers, fur, wool and other animal products, which can cause damage to furniture, carpet, clothing and many other home items. Carpet beetle larvae are usually found on or in padded and upholstered furniture or underneath baseboards and carpet and rug edges.

If you have a carpet beetle infestation, there are a number of ways to reduce and eliminate the pests. Vacuum carpeted areas, curtains and upholstered furniture thoroughly, as well as areas along baseboards. Launder any clothing, linens, stuffed animals and other fabric items in the infested areas and clean surfaces with warm water. Pest prevention sprays and mothballs can also help repel carpet beetle larvae. Another option is sprinkling boric acid on the infested areas, as the substance sticks to the larvae and kills it.