How Do You Identify Bees?


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Bees are identified based on size, behavior and appearance. For instance, bumble bees and carpenter bees run 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches long. Bumble bees are black and yellow. Male carpenter bees are black, and females are tan. This type of bee has little hair and is shiny.

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Compared to bumble bees, the flight of carpenter bees is faster and more erratic. Their movement resembles that of hummingbirds.

Both honey bees and African bees are very similar in appearance. Members of each species are about one-half inch long, although honey bees are sometimes slightly larger. Smaller honey bees are distinguishable from the African bees because the latter are very aggressive and often attack in groups. In addition, African bees stay riled up for several days after they have been upset.

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