What are some ideas for pitbull clothes?


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Pit Bull clothing usually consists of T-shirts and jackets. The T-shirts are pulled over the dog's head, while the jackets are often fastened around the dog's neck and abdomen.

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Pit Bull T-shirts range from being cute to making the dog look tough. Cute Pit Bull T-shirts might bear messages such as "Mama's Boy" or sport bows, sequins and diamante. Many T-shirts reference the Pit Bull's reputation for being an aggressive dog with statements such as "Get to know me before you judge me" and "I'm a lover, not a fighter." Sometimes Pit Bulls are dressed up in a "tough" persona, perhaps as a boxer or a biker.

Pit Bull vests range from functional to stylish. Because Pit Bulls have such short fur, some vests are utilitarian, perhaps even kitted with neon striping to make the dog more visible during walks. Other jackets are fashion-oriented, with details such as fur collars and even studs. Full-body fleece is another option as extreme cold-weather gear.

Another common clothing option is a sweater. Some sweaters carry a purely utilitarian design, but more often they are decorated with the image of another animal, a flag, a faux tattoo or simple designs. Fit for a Pit offers a Chilly Dog Mohawk Hoodie that even goes over the Pit Bull's head, making it look as if the dog has a mohawk.

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