What Are Some Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds?


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Hypoallergenic cat breeds include Cornish Rex, Balinese and Sphynx. Cornish Rex cats have characteristic wavy hair. Although the Balinese breed has a medium-length silken coat and a fluffy tail, it sheds very little. The Sphynx breed has prominent wrinkles and most are hairless, but some are covered in delicate fuzz.

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What Are Some Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds?
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Hypoallergenic cats produce less dander than other breeds. Although cat dander has been shown to cause allergic reactions in some people, a protein called Fel d 1, which exists in the saliva of cats, may be the actual offender. The saliva of Siberian and Balinese breeds have a smaller amount of this protein.

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