How do you find husky puppies with blue eyes?


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Blue eyes are a common feature of Siberian huskies as a breed. Most Siberian husky puppies have blue eyes at the age of two weeks. However, it is recommended that buyers wait approximately five weeks to determine if the puppy's eyes will stay blue as an adult.

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A rare gene is responsible for blue eyes in Siberian huskies. The merle gene usually determines whether a dog has blue eyes. Siberian huskies are an exception and have a different gene that allows a wider variation in color and intensity. This gene can result in the dog having piercing, dark-blue eyes or icy, light-blue eyes and shades in between. Siberian huskies may also have brown eyes, amber eyes or eyes with some mix of these colors.

The Siberian husky is a medium- to large-sized dog, capable of reaching over 23 inches in height at the shoulder and weighing 60 pounds. The temperament of the Siberian husky is described as gentle, playful and loving. They are friendly and amiable with both strangers and children. Despite the perceived docility of the Siberian husky, it is a rugged breed that requires strong leadership from its master. Their long coats mean they are more suited to cooler climatic conditions, and they need plenty of space and exercise.

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