What Do Husky Dogs Eat?

Huskies prefer to eat either standard dry or wet commercial dog foods, or natural mixes of raw meat and vegetables. Some huskies prefer a mix of the two.

Huskies are noticeably more discerning when it comes to eating than are other breeds. Many breeds tend to eat whatever food owners give them, often to the point of excess. Huskies, however, have been trained over many generations to subside on very little food, so there is almost no risk of overeating.

The breed is also known for being very picky, and this extends to their diets. Huskies have a tendency to grow bored with their food, especially if it is simply left out for them in large portions. Once a husky grows tired of a certain food, or otherwise loses interest in it, a long time can pass before it is willing to eat that food again. To avoid this, always serve huskies a small amount of food, and remove any leftovers once they are done.

To determine which type of food a particular husky prefers, simply feed it one type of food for a few weeks and watch how it reacts. It can take a few days for any dog to acclimate to a new food, so remember to be patient.