Are Huskies Dangerous?

Siberian huskies may be a danger to smaller animals such as cats and therefore are not considered a good breed for homes that have small pets other than dogs. Huskies are generally friendly toward humans and other dogs. However, typical husky behavior may cause problems for pet owners.

Siberian huskies have a natural predatory instinct and view smaller animals as potential prey. Therefore, putting a husky in a home with cats puts felines in grave danger of attack. However, huskies are not an aggressive breed when it comes to humans, which makes them unsuitable as a security dog. In fact, loyalty to an owner is not a strong suit of these gregarious dogs, who don't mind cozying up to strangers; this may cause a problem for someone seeking total devotion from his dog. Another hidden danger is that huskies have a penchant for running. Keeping these dogs from getting hit by a car requires awareness and taking measures to ensure the dog is properly secured near streets.

Huskies are admired for their beautiful gray and white coats, but potential owners should be aware that this breed sheds year round, especially in the fall and spring. If keeping an immaculate home is a priority, huskies are not a good choice.