What Are Some Hungarian Vizsla Dog Names?

There are many good names for a Hungarian Vizsla dog. A good name for one of these dogs would be either a traditional Hungarian name or a sporting dog name.

Some nice Hungarian names for a girl dog include Alida, Annuska, Eniko, Greta and Miska. Hungarian boy names that would work for a dog include Balint, Elek, Gabor, Gazsi and Ignac. General names for hunting dogs include Bandit, Bear, Blaze, Brutus and Cooper for male dogs, while female names include Dakota, Ember, Lady, Pepper and Remi. Hungarian hunting dog names include Baka, Kabala, Okos, Paca and Zoltan for a boy dog and Edes, Ilka, Notas, Mokani and Rozi for a girl dog.

The Hungarian Vizsla is a medium-sized hunting dog. The Vizsla is considered a pointer, but combines aspects of both a pointer and retriever. This breed was bred to work in fields, water and forest. The Vizsla comes in various shades of red and gold. The Vizsla is an active dog that needs a lot of exercise. They are best for active families, if not sporting families.

The ancestors of the Vizsla dog originated with the Magyar, a tribe that settled in Hungary. Etchings of the breed have been found dating back as far as the 10th century.