Do Hummingbirds Ride on Canadian Geese When the Geese Migrate?

Although both hummingbirds and Canadian geese migrate south for the winter, hummingbirds do not ride on the geese when traveling. The two species migrate at different times and to different locations, so traveling together is impossible.

Canadian geese travel to the southern United States during the winter, while most hummingbirds migrate to the Florida Keys, Mexico or Central America. One type of hummingbird, the Anna's hummingbird, does not migrate at all. Hummingbirds typically begin their journeys in early fall, while Canada geese migrate in late fall. Different diets also make traveling together impossible. Hummingbirds need nectar from flowers, which would not attract geese. As a result, hummingbirds would probably starve if they tried to migrate on geese.