How Do You Humanely Give Away an Unwanted Parrot?


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To humanely surrender a parrot, contact your local animal shelter or an avian rescue organization. You may also find a new home by contacting avian veterinarians to determine if any clients are seeking to adopt a new parrot.

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According to the Avian Welfare Coalition, there are over one hundred avian rescue groups in the United States that offer refuge and placement for birds in need. Many traditional animal shelters accept surrendered parrots and find new homes for them. To locate a nearby animal shelter or avian rescue group, visit PetFinder.com.

If you prefer to place your parrot into a private home, the Avian Welfare Coalition advocates that you screen potential adopters to seek out someone who is knowledgeable about birds and able to provide appropriate housing, feeding and care. To locate suitable adopters, try contacting veterinarians who specialize in avian care. They may suggest clients who are searching for a new parrot to add to their family. The Association of Avian Veterinarians website allows you to search for veterinarians in your area.

Regardless of whether you choose to place your parrot with an animal shelter, rescue group or a private home, ask questions about plans for the parrot's long-term care to ensure that it will have a safe, secure and healthy environment in which to live.

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