Which Human Foods Can Cats Safely Eat?


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There are a number of human foods that are safe for cats to eat, such as meat, eggs, cheese, fish and vegetables. There are also several foods that can be harmful to cats, including chocolate, raisins, avocados, onions and chives.

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When feeding a cat fish, eggs or meat, always make sure to cook it first in order to kill any bacteria that could harm the cat. Most vets also recommend only feeding lean meat to cats, such as chicken, liver and beef. Never feed animal fat to a cat, as this can give the cat diarrhea and may contain many more calories than they need.

Most cats love canned or cooked fish, but always make sure to remove the bones so the cat doesn't choke. Although cats are purely carnivores, some still enjoy eating plants from time to time. Many cats even chew on houseplants when they feel the need for vegetables. If this happens, try feeding the cat cooked green beans, broccoli or any other green vegetable. Some cats also enjoy bananas, potatoes, cooked carrots and a variety of other vegetables.

Cooked grains are another item that can be healthy for cats to eat in small quantities. However, they shouldn't eat any baked goods unless they are made with whole wheat products. Cats can also be fed small quantities of cheese, but they probably shouldn't have milk, as many adult cats are actually lactose intolerant.

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