What Human Food Is Good for Dogs?

What Human Food Is Good for Dogs?

Many human foods are good for dogs, including yogurt, green beans and cored, seeded apples. Peanut butter is also a fairly healthy treat; it also makes a good distraction when stuffed into a Kong or other food-dispensing toy.

Most berries are good for dogs, including blueberries and strawberries. Carrots are also a healthy treat that many dogs enjoy. They, along with green beans, are good filler foods for dogs that tend to gain weight. Frozen, peeled bananas can be a nice treat for dogs on hot days.

Salmon and boiled, skinless chicken are healthy meats for dogs. Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids that help improve the dog's skin and coat, while chicken is a source of protein that most dogs love. Eggs are another good source of protein and other nutrients, and most dogs digest them fairly easily.

Plain white rice and pumpkin are also good for dogs that tend to have digestive problems. Canned pumpkin is fine as long as it is not the pre-spiced variety designed for pumpkin pies.

New foods should always be introduced in small amounts to avoid upsetting the dog's stomach. Even healthy foods should always be fed in moderation, and overweight dogs should generally only be fed low-fat options to prevent further weight gain. Owners should consult a vet before replacing a significant part of their dogs' diets with human foods.