How Do You Hug a Dog?


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Hug a dog only after you are sure of the animal's temperament and usual reaction to others touching it. Kneel down in front of the dog and gently wrap your arm around its neck, laying the dog's head on your shoulder while you nuzzle against its neck.

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  1. Ask the owner

    Ask the owner if touching the dog is safe, as putting your face close to a dog can be a dangerous proposition if the animal has a tendency to snap or be skittish around others. Be certain it is OK to fully embrace the dog, rather than just pet it on the head.

  2. Kneel down at eye level

    Kneel down in front of the dog, so you are at eye level, to gage his reaction to you. Dogs have individual personalities, and they sometimes react differently to different people, including men, women and kids. Pet the head first to see the dog's reaction to having you so close to its face.

  3. Gently embrace him

    Gently put your arms around its neck and slowly move close to embrace the dog. Put its head on top of your shoulder, so your head is softly pressed against the dog's head, to give it a full hug.

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