How Do You Housetrain a Puppy?

How Do You Housetrain a Puppy?

House-train your puppy by taking it out often, feeding on schedule and offering positive reinforcement. Take your pet to the same area each time you go out.

  1. Take frequent breaks

    Take your puppy out first thing in the morning, after meals and naps, and at least once every hour between these times.

  2. Feed on a schedule

    Give food at set times each day. This helps regulate elimination needs.

  3. Keep the breed in mind

    Your dog's breed may impact how often you need to take it out. Smaller dogs have smaller bladders and may need to be taken out more often.

  4. Break bad habits

    If your dog is accustomed to doing its business in a crate, or has lived outdoors, you might find it harder to train. Be consistent and your pet will eventually catch on.

  5. Offer praise

    Each time your dog does his business outdoors, give plenty of praise. Offer a treat or a tummy rub, or take a walk around the neighborhood.

  6. Visit the same area each time

    Your dog recognizes his own scent, so keep bathroom visits to the same area. The scent urges your pet to go.

  7. Be consistent

    House-training can take half a year or more. The more consistent you are in the training, the quicker the results.