Do Most Houses That Rent to Pet Owners Have Breed Restrictions?


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Many landlords have breed restrictions banning dogs thought to have aggressive temperaments, such as pit bulls, rottweilers, Doberman pinschers, German shepherds and Akitas. Many other landlords restrict pets based weight, according to HGTV.

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Do Most Houses That Rent to Pet Owners Have Breed Restrictions?
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Dogs that are perceived as dangerous are often restricted because the landlord's insurance doesn't cover them. If a tenant's dog attacks someone on the property, the property owner may be liable for damages, as HGTV explains. Renters may have better luck overcoming breed restrictions with small, independent landlords rather than large real estate or management companies.

Owners of well-behaved dogs may overcome property owners' misgivings by introducing them to the dog and demonstrating that it is friendly and not an aggressive animal, according to HGTV. Offering an additional month's rent in advance or a large pet deposit may also help. Searching for rentals on websites that specifically cater to pet owners may help renters locate landlords who do not adhere to breed restrictions. Another option that dog owners have is to purchase their own dog liability insurance to cover any potential damage from their pets, according to Einhorn Insurance Agency.

Many pit bulls, rottweilers and other dogs with dangerous reputations are gentle, family-oriented dogs, according to the ASPCA. Restricted breeds are not always aggressive, and factors such as training and heredity should be taken into account.

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