How Do You Housebreak a Puppy?


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To housebreak a puppy, maintain regular feeding schedules, have a consistent routine and take the puppy outside often. Routines help the puppy get used to what is expected of it, thus reducing indoor accidents.

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Establish the daily routine early, including when the puppy eats, goes out to potty and gets time to play. Puppies can't hold their bladder for longer than an hour for each month of age. Hire someone to look after the puppy and take it out for walks if you are gone during the day. Take the puppy outside to go potty shortly after eating or drinking water, as well as when waking up and before going to bed. Between meal times, take the puppy out at least every couple of hours.

When the puppy goes potty outside, praise it and reward it each time. This lets the puppy know it has gone where it is expected to. It helps to choose a designated spot outside, whether on the front lawn or backyard to create consistency and teach the puppy where it can go. Choose a phrase, such as "go potty," so that the puppy can learn.

Regular feeding is important because it helps maintain the potty routine. Choose the same times each day to feed the puppy. Follow the vet's feeding recommendations, but puppies are often fed three to four times a day. Do not leave food out as the puppy may graze and go potty at inconvenient times.

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