How Do You House-Train a Puppy?


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House-training a puppy involves taking the puppy outside after meals and naps, supervising it in the house, keeping it in a crate when not supervised, and giving positive responses for eliminating outside. For successful training, puppies need a strict routine and patience from the owner.

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Puppies, especially those under the age of 12 weeks, don't have full control of the bladder and bowels. Owners need to keep this in mind, and take the puppy outside every one to two hours to get it accustomed to the acceptable area to eliminate. Praise the puppy every time it eliminates outdoors, or give it a treat. Watch the puppy at all times when it is free to roam indoors. If it begins to soil the floor, abruptly take it outdoors to finish. Don't yell at the puppy or hit it; negative reinforcement can cause severe anxiety and hinder the training process. Choose a puppy crate that is big enough for the dog to stand up or lie down when it is inside. Place it in the crate when complete supervision isn't possible. Puppies usually avoid eliminating in the crate. Another option is to keep the puppy in a bathroom or other small room when it is unsupervised. Line the floor with newspaper for easy accident cleanups. Patience and consistency are the keys to house-training a puppy.

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