How Do You House-Train a Dog?


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House training a dog is very easy but requires patience. Whether starting with a puppy or an adult dog, begin with newspaper or training pads. Once the dog understands the concept of going in a particular spot, start training him to go outside. Most dogs house train in two weeks to a month.

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  1. Paper train first

    Pick a place in the house that’s private and can be easily cleaned. Spread fresh newspaper or training pads over trash bags. Mark the paper or pads with the dog’s urine and feces. Take the dog to the training area immediately after he wakes up, eats and plays. Be sure to keep the dog’s training area clean, and reward your dog for using the training area properly.

  2. Yard train next

    Start yard training once your dog regularly goes on the paper. Take the dog outside first thing in the morning. Because dogs are pack animals who learn new skills in groups, be sure to go outside with him. Use the same indicators from paper training, taking the dog outside after sleep, after meals and after play, and remember to take the dog outside just before bedtime.

  3. Stay consistent

    Be patient with accidents, and discipline immediately, hopefully while the dog is in the act. Discipline after the fact doesn’t work. During yard training, take the dog out by the same door every time. Most importantly, until you’re certain your pet can wait to be let out, keep a training area ready in the house.

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