What Are Some Hound-Terrier Mix Breeds?

Hound-terrier mix breeds include the beagle-Jack Russell terrier and bascottie, which is a mix of a Scottish terrier and a basset hound. A basston is a cross between a basset hound and a Boston terrier.

The beagle-Jack Russell terrier weighs about 30 pounds and has creamy tan with black coloring. These mixes typically are intelligent and hyper. They are often good with children. The bascottie has the temperament of both a bassett hound and a Scottish terrier. It typically is friendly and playful but can be stubborn. The basston has the persistent nature of a basset hound combined with the gentle, friendly personality of a Boston terrier.

Dogs bred between two or more established breeds came to be known as "designer dogs" in the late 2000s, when breeders began to mix various breeds with poodles. Breeders often hoped to extend the hypoallergenic fur of the poodle to other types of dogs. Cross-bred dogs that are considered designer dogs usually have a name that is a combination of the name of each type of dog in its parentage. For instance, the basston designer dog mix has a name derived from basset hound and Boston terrier.

Crossbreeding results in a less uniform look and other characteristics than with purebred dogs, and puppies from the same crossbred litter may not look the same.