What Are Some Facts About Horse Breeding?


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Facts about horse breeding include that horses breed in the spring and summer, a horse's pregnancy period spans 11 months, light encourages horses to produce reproductive hormones, horses should reach 4 years of age before beginning to breed, and one can still ride a horse for the first six months of its pregnancy according to Horses & Horse Information. Horse breeding is a specialized activity that requires a horse owner to possess knowledge of all facets of the process.

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What Are Some Facts About Horse Breeding?
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One should evaluate mares and stallions for fertility problems long before the breeding season begins. In addition, mares' fertility declines beginning at the age of 12. Teasing is a technique that allows breeders to detect estrus, or heat for breeding. Breeding should occur every other day while the mare is in estrus.

Preparation is an important component of horse breeding. Researching both the mare and stallion being used for breeding is a key component of successful breeding. Furthermore, horse breeding is expensive, and the breeder must have the resources to afford it. Moreover, horses should begin a special nutritional program before breeding and during pregnancy.

Horse breeders need to be responsible concerning the number of horses that they breed to prevent neglect, starvation and slaughter.

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