How Do You Hook Water up to a Portable Dog Washing Station?


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Portable dog washing stations are supplied water through a dual hose connector that attaches to both the hoses supplied with the product and an outdoor hose. For indoor bathing, attaching the hose that supplies water to a washing machine is also an option.

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Portable dog washing stations are not just for groomers; they offer a safe and convenient way for dog owners to bathe their pets in the comfort of their own homes or backyards. While most models are designed with the dog's comfort in mind, they also provide a nice incentive for the owner; dog washing stations are a great way to avoid the hassle and mess involved with bathtub bathing.

Most portable dog washing station models come equipped with a "Y" shaped dual hose device, as well as a quick-connect piece that contains both a male and female end. This device is attached to the hoses that come with the product; both hoses should attach to the top points of the "Y." The male end of the quick-connect piece is attached to the bottom portion of the "Y," and the dual hose device is secured underneath the tub with brackets or zip ties. The female end of the quick-connect piece is attached to the end of the hose that supplies water, then snapped into the male end to provide water to the washing station.

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