What Is Homemade Fly Spray?

Homemade fly spray is a fly repellent made from common household ingredients, in which vinegar is the main component. There are several recipes for homemade fly spray with additional ingredients such as citronella, hand lotion, dish soap or pine-scented cleaner. Homemade fly spray can be used to deter flies from horses and pets and is a common household staple during the warmer months.

Citrus fly sprays are the most commonly used natural fly remedy. Their lemony scent works well to keep both flies and mosquitoes at bay, as these insects are naturally repelled by citrus scents. Common ingredients for citrus fly sprays include citronella, lemon dish soap, eucalyptus oil, mineral oil and vinegar. Citrus fly sprays are naturally safe for horses and pets.

Homemade fly sprays can be sprayed directly on horses and household pets as long as the ingredients are natural. Certain recipes that contain ingredients such as pine-scented cleaner should only be sprayed around the baseboards of a house and on outdoor furniture. For horses that are allergic to flies, another natural repellent is apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar sprinkled on the horses' grain each night or mixed with their drinking water helps to keep the flies at bay.