What Are Some Home Treatments for Ear Mites?


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Natural remedies for ear mites in dogs and cats include yellow dock root extract and water to kill the mites, and using vegetable or olive oil to soothe the ear, according to Earth Clinic. A combination of almond oil and vitamin E is also used to treat ear mites.

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The discomfort in the pet's ears is relieved with vegetable or olive oil, explains Earth Clinic. Use an eyedropper to insert a few drops of oil into the pet's ear canal. A needleless syringe can also be used. It is important to keep the head still and prevent the pet from shaking it out by massaging the oil into the ear once the drops are inserted.

To kill the mites, combine eight to 10 drops of yellow dock root extract and 1 tablespoon of water, notes Earth Clinic. Use a needleless syringe or eyedropper to insert the solution into the pet's ears. Massage it well and try to keep the pet from shaking its ears after administering treatment.

Ear mites are a type of parasite that lives in pet's ears and cause inflammation, irritation and discharge, states WebMD. The mites are often passed between cats with inside or outside contact. The ear mites from a cat can infect a dog and vice versa. Common symptoms of having ear mites include hair loss, dermatitis, head shaking, scratching or rubbing the ears, inflammation of the ear and a strong odor.

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