What Home Treatments Are Available for Dog Warts?

Owners who wish to treat their dogs' warts with home remedies can use vitamin E or castor oil, recommends Organic Pet Digest. However, dog warts generally clear up on their own without any treatment, explains PetMD.

Warts are small tumors caused by the papilloma virus, reports Organic Pet Digest. In most cases, they are harmless and cause no pain. Although veterinarians can perform surgery to remove unsightly growths, in most cases, canine oral warts require no treatment, notes PetMD.

There are several holistic at-home remedies available to treat warts in dogs, including rubbing the wart with either vitamin E cream or castor oil, explains Organic Pet Digest. Organic Pet Digest also suggests feeding an affected dog thuya essential oil capsules. However, such a treatment is dangerous. Thuya, also known as thuja or arborvitae, is toxic to dogs, according to the Midtown Animal Clinic website. The Plants for a Future website agrees that all parts of the plant are toxic.

Thuya is also a wart treatment in humans, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. The treatment applies to the skin and does not require oral ingestion. The Midtown Animal Clinic states that thuya is mildly toxic to dogs if ingested, and far from being useful for skin conditions, it can actually cause skin irritation. Dogs that consume thuya may experience vomiting or diarrhea.