What Is a Home Remedy for Skin Mites on Dogs?

William Garrett/CC-BY 2.0

One effective home remedy to treat skin mites on dogs is to use a mixture of 1 percent hydrogen peroxide solution, borax powder and water. Thoroughly washing a dog with this solution kills the mites and helps heal any bites, rashes or scabs on the dog’s skin.

Cooking oil can be used as a natural home remedy to help kill skin mites on dogs. Cooking oil applied directly onto the dog’s skin reduces skin irritation and kills any mites present. Honey can be used to achieve the same results, but cooking oil is a preferable option because it is easier to wash off.

Bathing a dog that has skin mites in soapy water is an effective home remedy. The alkaline nature of the soap kills skin mites and can prevent them from spreading. Yellow dock, aloe vera or calendula tea can also be used to treat skin mites. Using teas that have these herbs kills skin mites on dogs and helps heal rashes.

A mixture of chopped cloves of garlic and lemon skins can be used to kill skin mites and soothe the skin of dogs suffering from a mite infestation. This remedy requires combining 30 to 40 chopped cloves of garlic, six lemon skins and four liters of water and bringing everything to a boil. When the solution cools down, it can be applied to the skin of the dog and should be done regularly for ten days.