Is There a Home Remedy to Repel Racooons?

The most commonly used and most effective home remedy for repelling raccoons is a hot pepper juice mixture. Ammonia is also used but a safer alternative combines onions and any kind of hot peppers into a substance that will repel just about any animal you don't want in your backyard.

A commonly used repellent recipe uses onions and any kind of hot peppers, then mixed with water and heated to a boil. Once mixed and ready to apply it can be placed in a spray bottle to apply to desired areas. There are many various combinations you can use to make an effective repellent. Hot sauces and pepper sauces are also used by adding water to dilute the thickness to be sprayed. The more potent peppers used, the stronger the repellent. Any hot spices can also be used by spreading them on your garden however wind is known to blow them away while juice is more prone to stick.