What Is a Home Remedy for Puppy Parvo?


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Puppies suffering from parvovirus need veterinary care rather than home remedies, according to WebMD. Although there is no cure for parvo, puppies may survive with strong supportive care, including prescription medications and intravenous fluids which need to be administered by a veterinarian.

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Parvo is a serious disease that is often fatal even with excellent care, according to WebMD. As of 2015, the only way to treat it is to keep the puppy alive until the virus naturally clears the body. This usually requires a hospital stay.

The virus primarily attacks the intestines, which makes it difficult for puppies to stay hydrated and absorb necessary nutrients, as noted by VCA Animal Hospitals. Treating this requires a balanced blend of IV fluids to keep the puppy hydrated while also maintaining electrolyte balance. The damage can also lead to septicemia or infection in the blood. Puppies are usually given preventative antibiotics to fight off this infection. Puppies usually also receive anti-spasmodic and anti-nausea drugs to prevent diarrhea and vomiting. In severe cases, they may need plasma transfusions.

Some puppies may survive with home treatment, according to a study by Colorado State University. Hospitalization is still the best option, but some owners cannot afford it. However, the home treatment protocol in the study still requires prescription medication and veterinary supervision, so people who suspect their puppies may have parvo should consult with a veterinarian as soon as possible.

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