What Is a Home Remedy for Chiggers That Works?


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To treat chigger bites on a pet, the owner must first wash the pet with pet shampoo and water, then apply a paste made of baking soda and water. The baking soda and water should soothe the itching caused by chigger bites.

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Chiggers are the larvae of a kind of mite, which are often found outdoors in tall grass. They are most prevalent and problematic during Summer and Fall. Chiggers can bite both animals and people, leaving an itchy, red rash.

Additional treatments for chigger bites include over-the-counter antihistamines, many of which are safe to give to pets. Itch-relieving ointments or cortisone cream may also be used to sooth the irritation of chigger bites.

Chigger bites can be prevented by keeping pets out of berry patches and tall grass, places where chiggers often dwell. By keeping pets supervised and on leashes while outdoors, the odds of contracting chigger bites are reduced.

It is also possible to make homemade bug repellent that is safe for pets. Mix equal parts water and witch hazel in a spray bottle, then add several drops of tea tree or lemongrass essential oil. This natural bug repellent may be sprayed on pets before leaving the house to prevent chigger infestations.

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