What Are Some Home Remedies to Stop Dog Itching?

Remedies for itchy dog skin depend on the cause. If dry skin is causing a dog to itch, turning on a humidifier and adding digestive enzymes to dog food can keep its skin hydrated and moist. Itchy skin can also be caused by allergies that require pharmaceutical treatment.

A dog always needs to have access to fresh, filtered drinking water. Digestive enzymes, such as probiotics, not only improve gastrointestinal health, but help the digestive system to absorb fluids from food and water more readily, improving skin and coat health. Switching to wet or moist foods can also cause a dog to stop itching if the source is dehydration from dry dog food.

Flax seed oil and other supplements added daily to dog food can help improve dry skin. Certain shampoos can cause the skin to dry out when the dog is bathed. A dog's skin can also be sensitive to high heats from blow drying.

In some cases, itching is caused by parasites. Fleas can be repelled naturally with some citrus or lemon juice, washed away in a bath or prevented from attaching with some geranium oil. In severe cases, a dog may require prescription medication for relief and to prevent the parasites from breeding.