What Are Some Home Remedies for Dogs?


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Some home remedies for dogs include yogurt, chamomile tea, lemon water and epsom salt, as PetMD indicates. These are natural remedies that can help with issues such as yeast infections and skin problems.

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Plain yogurt has acidophilus, which helps balance good bacteria in the dog's intestines and get rid of bad bacteria. Antibiotics can cause yeast infections, and giving the dog yogurt keeps them away, explains PetMD.

Chamomile tea helps treat anxiety, colic, skin irritations and gas in dogs. The plant has natural disinfecting effects. A chilled chamomile tea sprayed on the dog's skin can kill bacteria and heal yeast infections, according to PetMD.

The citrus in a lemon water solution prevents fleas from attacking the dog and gives it a good smell. Make the solution by putting lemons in boiled water and leaving the solution overnight. Use a spray bottle to apply the solution on the dog's skin, notes PetMD.

Epsom salt helps treat wounds that may affect dogs. For best results, bathe the dog twice a day in a mixture of the salt and warm water. Also, add prescribed antibiotics, if any. Dipping a clean towel in the same water and using it to wipe the wounds can also help treat the wounds, explains PetMD.

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