What Are Some Home Remedies for a Constipated Dog?


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Some home remedies for a constipated dog include laxatives, adding pumpkin or bran in the dog's diet, giving the dog some mineral oil and ensuring the dog has plenty of exercise. If left untreated, a constipated dog may end up experiencing pain and will possibly start vomiting.

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One of the major causes of constipation in dogs is a lack of fiber in the diet. If this is a possible cause of the condition, it may be a good idea to start including foods that are rich in fiber in the dog's diet. Some examples of such foods include pumpkin, oats and wheat.

Another possible reason for constipation in dogs is failure to drink enough water. If a dog goes for long periods of time without drinking water, it will have difficulty passing soft stool. This is why it is important to provide dogs with plenty of water throughout the day.

The next possible cause of constipation in a dog is inadequate activity or lack of exercise. Dogs that are not allowed to exercise may end up having a hard time passing stool. To remedy this situation, the dog should be allowed to have plenty of exercise. Other remedies for constipation include giving mineral oil or other forms of medication as prescribed by a veterinarian.

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