What Are Home Cures for Dog Diarrhea?


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Home cures for dog diarrhea include putting the dog on a 24-hour fast upon emergence of the symptoms and then changing its diet over the recovery period while administering probiotics. Diarrhea often causes massive dehydration, which requires provision of fresh drinking water throughout the ailment.

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During diarrhea, the dog’s bowel wall is over-sensitive, causing contractions too quickly for normal digestion and absorption of food, consequently resulting in diarrhea. One day of fasting helps cool down the sensitivity by eliminating the need for bowel contractions.

Upon completion of the 24-hour fast, the dog should feed on bland food, rather than its regular diet. The appropriate bland food for diarrhea treatment is an unflavored, milk-free, low-fat diet that does not contain red meat. Preferable alternatives include cooked white rice, cottage cheese, boiled chicken and scrambled eggs. Treatment involves giving the bland diet in several servings of increasing quantities until the diarrhea disappears - probably in a few days - then slowly resuming the regular diet.

During diarrhea, the dog loses bacteria that aid in digestion. Probiotics help build-up the bacteria populations, thereby restoring digestion to full efficiency. Without probiotics, the bacteria population grows at a natural rate; hence, it takes a long time to recover from impaired digestion. Home treatment with probiotics involves mixing the probiotic with food for about five days.

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