What Is the History of the Border Collie?


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The Border Collie originated near the border of England and Scotland, and secretary of the International Sheep Dog Society first used the term "Border Collie" in 1915 to distinguish the breed from the smooth coat and rough coat collies. All modern purebred Border Collies have Old Hemp in their pedigree. Old Hemp was born in 1893 and died in 1901 in Northumberland. Old Hemp set the working style for modern Border Collies because the sheep responded well to him.

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The American Kennel Club officially recognized the Border Collie breed in 1995, and it is the 39th most popular dog breed as of 2015. The Border Collie is a high-energy medium-size dog. It has an affectionate and intelligent personality. Black and white is the most common coat color, but other variations include black tricolor, red tricolor, blue merle, red merle and brindle.

Common health problems in Border Collies include epilepsy, hip displasia and Collie Eye Anomaly. It has an average life span of 12 years, and the most common causes of death are cancer, old age and cerebral vascular afflictions. The breed is also susceptible to three types of hearing loss, including pigment associated hearing loss, adult onset hearing loss and congenital sensorineural deafness. Show Border Collies may also have neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, which causes severe neurological impairment and death before two years of age.

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