What Are Some Highly Rated Commercial Dog Foods?


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Some top rated dog foods include Orijen adult dog food, Taste of the Wild Prairie and Wellness Core Grain Free Original formula. Though relatively expensive, Orijen receives top ratings from experts for its grain-free protein that consists of eggs, Canadian meat and wild-caught fish as of 2015.

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Orijen contains chicken as its first ingredient, followed by chicken meal and liver, herring and turkey. Its protein sources have been deemed fit for human consumption. Orijen does not contain artificial preservatives.

Taste of the Wild Prairie is both soy and grain-free, and it features buffalo meat as it top ingredient. It also contains lamb and chicken meal and is made without preservatives. Taste of the Wild Prairie uses sweet potatoes and peas as its carbohydrate source, rather than grain. In 2012, it was recalled for posing a salmonella risk.

Wellness Core Grain Free Original Formula features turkey and turkey and chicken meal as its main ingredients. This formula contains probiotics that help maintain gastrointestinal health and is good for pets that suffer from allergies or stomach sensitivity. Wellness Core does not contain any fillers or by-products.

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