How Do You Get Hens for Free?


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Look for free hens on online classified advertising websites, through animal rescue agencies, or by placing a wanted ad on a website devoted to hobby farming. Look for ads on bulletin boards at feed stores or veterinary clinics that care for farm animals.

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Animal welfare agencies, such as Farm Sanctuary, place unwanted hens in new homes. These hens are often older, less productive layers rescued from egg farms, which the farmer may otherwise destroy. Farm Sanctuary's website features a Farm Animal Adoption Network where individuals can post ads either placing or looking to adopt hens and other farm animals.

Chicken keeping is popular with backyard hobbyists, and they may end up with more hens than they can keep. Check online classified sites, such as Craigslist.org, or websites devoted to chicken keeping, such as BackyardChickens.com, to connect with those looking to place hens into new homes. It is often possible to adopt an entire flock of hens from a hobbyist who is giving up the hobby. Also check the public bulletin boards at local feed stores or farm animal veterinary clinics for ads for free hens.

Place a wanted ad at any of these places. Be sure to list the type and number of hens wanted as well as contact information.

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